Field Trip to UCSD

image04Day 33/365

Monday February 2,2015

I honestly dislike Mondays. Today’s field trip to UCSD made it somewhat a good start to my week. We got there around 11:30 am and I was really not craving the school lunch that the school  had packed for us because school lunch at our school tastes ‘different’ if you know what I mean. I ended up buying myself a California Wrap hoping it would taste good. It’s a matter of opinion whether it was good or not but I at least I ate something that was not school lunch.

image03I really enjoyed seeing my mentor from UCSD Medical School this morning. Our school has this mentorship program for students that are interested in the medical or science field. Its pretty awesome. This was third time we saw Arvin, our mentor from UCSD. I learned so much about the human body with a make believe scenario that allow us to think like doctors as we cut open a banana and stitched it back together. Our second activity of the day was to make the highest tower possible with only 25 pieces of spaghetti in 15 minutes. We didn’t end up winning but our tower was over a foot tall so…. we won on the inside.

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