Introduction To My Life

 Day 29/365

Thursday January 29,2015

My name is Armando, I’m sixteen years old and a Junior at the School of International Studies in San Diego. Not attending my neighborhood school makes me stand out among my neighbors because if you ask any teenager that lives around me they all attend the same school. I unfortunately have to wake up earlier than them to take the city bus to school. Its not the same having to stand on a crowded bus than having your parents drop you off.  I shouldn’t complain, there are many kids that have to wake up at three in the morning to get to school. I wake up a couple hours later than them but I value every minute of sleep I can get on a busy school day.

You’ll see me talk about my school a lot so let me briefly introduce my school. My school is one of four small schools located on the edge of Downtown San Diego. I’m very involved with my school; some future entries will give a perception of a tenacious teenager trying to get many things done in one day.

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